View of Summercamp hotel in Martha's Vineyard
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About our Oak Bluffs Hotel

A fresh and fun renovation of the historic Wesley Hotel, Summercamp offers guests the chance to relive the glorious days of childhood summers—while also enjoying some very adult amenities. Our fully renovated Oak Bluffs hotel overlooks the sparkling blue harbor in the center of this colorful Martha's Vineyard town.

A grande dame of the island, Summercamp is the largest ocean-front hotel on Martha’s Vineyard—offering 95 rooms with private baths and loads of summer vacation-style fun and relaxation.

Distinctive Oak Bluffs Hotel

Our distinctive Oak Bluffs hotel has been in continuous operation as a destination for travelers since 1879. This striking Martha's Vineyard lodging was built by Mr. A.G. Wesley for the sum of $18,000. Over the years, the hotel has undergone many changes. At its largest, there were 105 rooms, including those in the Wesley Arms building which was added to the property in 1924. Now, as Summercamp, our Oak Bluffs hotel has a total of 95 comfortable and stylish Martha's Vineyard accommodations.

New Name and Look

When developing the new name and brand for the hotel, we strove to remain true to the history of the property and the associations it has had over the years. We wanted to refresh the brand, but also tie it as much into the spirit of the Camp Meeting Association’s summer gatherings as possible, which is why the name Summercamp. Camp Meetings (Methodist revivals) were held on nearby grounds. Summercamp is a reflection of the Methodist summer camps of today that evolved from that Camp Meeting tradition, but also an expansion on the meaning of "camp" as all people know it: as a place to gather, learn, play, refresh and reconnect. The property was in serious need of a renovation, and in wanting to embrace this new lease on life, we felt that it was time for a change... but a change that truly honors the history of the building and the organization it has been associated with for so many years.

We invite you to come experience Summercamp!

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